Release notes for OpenTV Player for PPAPI plugin 1.9.3


Version 1.9.3 of OpenTV Player for PPAPI plugin is available from March 8, 2019.

To install the release, contact your regional NAGRA representative.

New features

There are no new features in this release.


The following bugs have been fixed in this release.




There are no other changes in this release.

Known issues 

The following known issues have been identified in this release.

  • CC708 subtitle background not rendered correctly.
  • Live stream playout stops without any error - segment download stopped.
  • State problems on seek after end of stream.
  • Seek fails if change language and seek back when paused.
  • AAC: The A&V rending stopped after changed the audio tracks.
  • The values of selectedBitrate and streamBitrate are not consistent.
  • ID3: The first ID3 subtitle missed after enable the subtitle.
  • Seek taking too long with HLSv3
  • AAC: Video freeze for about 5s after seeking to 629s with AAC audio vod stream.
  • AAC: Video freeze for 1-2s when changed audio to aac when playing live.
  • Black Screen when changing Screen size.
  • Playback freeze after prolonged period of playing VOD stream.
  • NaCl Module crashes during MTBF (Stress) testing of random Play, Pause, Seek.
  • Memory leak during MTBF failure tests to re-load the plugin over 1000 times.
  • Robustness - NaCl module crashes after prolonged period of stream swapping (zapping)
  • Player does not show the first subtitle after setting source however fast you activate the id3 subtitle track.
  • Playback stops once switch audio during playing multi-audio stream with discontinuity.
  • Playback freezes after seeking.
  • Nacl module crash after seeking fast a lot of times.
  • Client hides nmp-video element (display: none) using either CSS or JS and then shows element again.
  • Player cannot set any other streams when zapping too fast.
  • Next source play has to wait for over 20 seconds once set source to a url which is NETWORK_HOST_TIMEOUT.
  • NaCl module crashed once network error happens during player retrieves stream playlists.
  • Rendering statistics does not include drops in the Output stage.
  • Edge effect is not available for some streams.
  • PPAPI player abnormally fluctuates between 2 video qualities.
  • PPAPI playing time indication jumpy when playing Live channel: displaying minus seconds, making gaps.
  • The client application can switch tracks by selecting another EIA-708 track.
  • Sometimes plugin cannot play out the stream after switch to the source immediately.
  • Sometimes plugin cannot play out all discontinuity segments and stops.
  • Audio Buffering issues.
  • Plugin multi-instance - encrypted content playback.
  • Plugin multi-instance - Initialization.

Please contact your regional NAGRA representative to get this release.