PPAPI/NaCl browser extension


The OpenTV Player PPAPI/NaCl extension is provided for the Chrome Native Client sandbox environment. It supports HLS and anyCAST PRM (DRM), ensuring that a single streaming format and encryption scheme can reach all of the different supported browsers.

The Chrome extension is supported only on Intel-based devices.

The PPAPI version of our player contains our 'Portable Player Component' (PPC). PPC encompasses a set of modules that make up the key parts of the OpenTV Player, such as, media source, demuxing, decoding, descrambling, playback control, and audio/video/subtitle synchronisation. This means that all of the player functionality and capability is within NAGRA’s code, and no longer has any reliance on a device’s native player. This in turn means that the OpenTV Player can evolve features at a quicker pace, and offer a more stable, better quality HLS player. 

The PPC source code is designed to be portable across multiple platforms; it is already part of our Android player, and will be ported in the near future to our iOS player, which will bring complete feature parity across the Player range. To enable extensibility, PPC provides integration points through abstraction layers for media source, network, and frame rendering.

This section contains the following guides: