OpenTV Player SDK for Browsers

OTV Player PPAPI Plugin for Browsers

Support for NPAPI plugin or extension-based video playback has been removed from most browsers, in favour of a plugin-free approach. Chrome however has replaced support for NPAPI plugins with PPAPI browser extensions. 

Platform Streaming format  OS supported Encryption Method DRM  
Chrome HLS Windows
AES-128 Nagra PRM  

OpenTV Player SDK for HTML5

Chrome, MS Edge and Firefox (Safari?) have added the following APIs  to the HTMLMediaElement to support video playback. 

Media Source Extensions (MSE) 

A JavaScript application is used to manage the media streams displayed by the HTML5 <video> element. This enables the player to support adaptive streaming to optimise users' available bandwidth and device capabilities. It also provides support for fragmented MP4, which means fewer different encodings are required, reducing CDN costs.

Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)

These enable the HTML5 <video> element to play DRM-protected content via a JavaScript application that manages licence and key exchange. Licence and key management is carried out by the application, allowing the OpenTV Player to integrate with multiple DRM schemes appropriate to the platform, as shown in the table below.

DASH and HLS support

DASH is supported with Microsoft PlayReady and Widevine DRM, and HLS with Apple FairPlay Streaming when integrated with the Security Services Platform (SSP) or the Conax Contego security management system.

The common solution across all the supported browsers and platforms is provided via the DASH Industry Forum dash.js package which is extended to facilitate seamless SSP and Conax Contego integration, and using the browser HTML MSE and EME specifications for descrambling and rendering.

Platform Streaming format OS Supported Encryption method DRM
Chrome DASH Windows/Mac cenc Widevine
Chromecast DASH Chromecast cenc Widevine


cenc PlayReady
Firefox DASH Windows/Mac cenc Widevine
Safari HLS Mac SAMPLE-AES FairPlay

The OpenTV Player SDK for Browsers also provides the addtional benefit that end users do not have to download and install any plugins or extensions. A common player control bar provides standard control bar features, as well as thumbnail preview on seek and the ability to easily reskin to match customer branding. Support is also provided for:

  • NAGRA Insight analytics
  • Client-side dynamic ad insertion
  • Standard WebVTT and MP4 encapsulated subtitling with TTML (IMSC1)

Further informatation

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