API details

The PAK and OpenTV Player SDK Java API documentation can be generated with Javadoc. You can extract this API documentation from the JAR files with names ending in –src. The core JAR package and every extension provide descriptions of their classes and usage.


The PAK Java API provides a mechanism of extensions, which:

  • Usually comprise a single class, and might override some existing enums.
  • Are intended to be delivered separately from the core Java package and are optional. They are therefore presented as standalone sub-packages of the nagra.cpak.api package, usually named nagra.cpak.api.<extension_name>. They are deployed as separate JAR files.

Every extension description is the object of a separate document.


The following diagram provides an overview of the PAK Java interface:

Download Management API

The following diagram provides an overview of the OpenTV Player SDK Download Management Java interface:

The Download Management API does not support multi-threaded calls.

See the Download Management API documentation for details of this API.

Device Information API

The following diagram provides an overview of the Device Information API:

To obtain device information, a new instance of NMPDeviceInformation must be created, passing an Activity that will show something on the screen. Information can then be obtained by calling the relevant getter.

All information is available after object creation, except GPU information, which only becomes available when the Activity that is passed to the constructor has finished displaying.

Some information might not be consistently available across all devices.

The OutputControlListener interface defines how the SDK exposes notifications of events related to Output Control. 

See the DeviceInformation class reference for details of this API.