On Android the player is delivered as an SDK that replaces the native platform player.

Our latest Android player features Portable Player Component (PPC). PPC is a set of modules that make up the key parts of the OpenTV Player – that includes the media source, demuxing, decoding, descrambling, playback control, and audio/video/subtitle synchronisation.

The player's functionality and capability is within NAGRA’s code, and no longer has any reliance on a device’s native player. This enables OpenTV Player to evolve features faster. It also ensures a more stable, higher quality player. The PPC is a single code library for all Android operating systems from 4.4 (KitKat).

To enable extensibility, PPC provides integration points through abstraction layers for media source, network, and frame rendering.



The OpenTV Player SDK is embedded/integrated within an existing or new native application. The user interface is built in Java.

The SDK is delivered hardened. The final binary doesn't need any further security processing or hardening.

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