OpenTV Player

Stream content securely to a wide range of devices

The OpenTV Player is a trusted and market-proven secure video player that enables operators, content owners, and content distributors to securely deliver high value content to their end users across a wide range of devices. OpenTV Player is used by some of the world's largest video service providers, and as part of the NAGRA KUDELSKI group, our reputation and reliability are second to none.

With support for multiple DRM vendors such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple, as well as NAGRA's proprietary DRM solution, anyCAST PRM, video service providers have a wide range of Hollywood Studio-approved DRM options available to them. Furthermore, with support of adaptive bitrate streaming technologies such as HLS and DASH, your end users will always have a smooth playout experience.

By adopting OpenTV Player you can:

  • Secure premium content with DRM-protected playout with pre-integration against NAGRA SSP.
  • Engage end users with high quality video playback using adaptive bitrate streaming technologies such as DASH and HLS.
  • Deploy your applications to market quickly by leveraging the sample applications that are provided along with our rich set of APIs.
  • Monetize your content with advertising solutions like VAST, VPAID and Google IMA.
  • Drive and optimise your consumer value, content management, and technical operations with the use of the NAGRA INSIGHT Analytics platform, which is pre-integrated into OpenTV Player.

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