With broadband becoming a mass-market reality in advanced markets worldwide, the proliferation of media-enabled consumer devices and the resulting changes in media consumption by consumers, especially the younger generation, the cable, satellite and telecom markets are challenged to rapidly evolve their offerings while optimising costs.

For broadband service providers, a TV proposition has become a key competitive weapon to acquire, monetise and retain subscribers.  At the same time, the TV market is entering into a phase of accelerated technology transformation characterised by new consumer behaviours and a focus on IP-based content delivery and ‘cloudified’ infrastructure.

Such developments provide new business opportunities that require specific and flexible consumer focused offerings to be successful. Adapting to this new environment necessitates a new set of underlying hybrid and converged technologies, such as OTT and multiscreen, that requires both the velocity of the internet with the reliability of broadcast TV.

NAGRA anticipated these trends and introduced its multiscreen solution, OpenTV Suite, in 2010 to directly respond to the then evolving market need, and continues to provide leading multiscreen solutions to help drive the business success of over 20 service providers globally.  Designed to ease integration within existing head-end and back-office environments and provide rapid scalability for large service providers with several hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users, OpenTV Suite is targeted at today’s TV operators, irrespective of the combination of market segments across which they operate.

Specifically, the OpenTV Platform provides a flexible multiscreen service management platform to deliver services to multiple subscriber accounts, devices, and users across multiple networks.  It delivers against five principal business themes:

  • AGGREGATE multiple content and metadata sources.
  • PACKAGE content to support various monetisation models.
  • PUBLISH encoded, encrypted and personalised content over delivery networks to multiple screens/devices.
  • SELL content offerings by managing accounts, users, devices, and transactions by analysing billing information and usage patterns.
  • ANALYSE billing information, transaction and usage patterns.

Our combined platform and player offering can also provide network Cloud PVR capabilities as well as studio-approved Download-to-Go and Electronic-Sell-Through services that can further enhance the user experience, increase ARPU and provide value-driven customer retention.   

To learn more, click on each of the 'features' topics to explore the various feature themes that underpin the OpenTV Platform and understand how they can enable your business to maximise the opportunity offered by a multiscreen proposition.