OpenTV Platform's Infrastructure features provide tools for reporting, monitoring and operating the platform.


The reporting features enable extraction of data from the underlying OpenTV Platform modules for reporting either in a pre-defined report structure or an operator-defined report structure. There are three types of reports currently available:

Report type Description
Content management This report provides details of channels and related products and categories, including on-demand items.
NPVR and playout This report provides details of successful playouts of content on end-user devices.
SDP This report captures a wide variety of statistics, including purchases and billing transactions, licence data, and account and device information.


The monitoring features provide real-time alarms, status, and statistics on the operation of the OpenTV Platform. 


The operational features include support for automated deployment of the infrastructure, private cloud deployment and virtualisation, HTTPS support for client-based APIs, and also provide a dedicated UI for operational tasks for content and OpenTV Platform. 

See the full list of Infrastructure features available, by version.