OpenTV Platform

Monetise and deliver TV services to multiple subscriber accounts, devices and users

The OpenTV Platform is a flexible, multiscreen management platform that enables cable, satellite and telecom TV providers to evolve their offerings in a rapidly changing media consumption market, while acquiring, monetising and retaining subscribers, and optimising costs.

A focus on IP-based content delivery, new consumer behaviours driven by the proliferation of media-enabled consumer devices, and new underlying hybrid and converged technologies, such as OTT, multiscreen and a ‘cloudified’ infrastructure, require a system that delivers at the velocity of the internet with the reliability of broadcast TV. That system is OpenTV Platform.

Designed to ease integration within existing head-end and back-office environments and provide rapid scalability for large service providers with several hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users, OpenTV Platform's modular components give you the tools to secure, manage and operate a wide range of media services, whatever the delivery network, device, content type, or combination of market segments across which you operate.

The Platform provides subscribers with the latest technology innovations. And you can combine the OpenTV Platform with the Player to enhance the user experience still further with Cloud PVR capabilities, studio-approved Download-to-Go and Electronic-Sell-Through services.

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